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Fashion & Management

In Fashion & Management you learn about the clothing and fashion industry in detail, and you learn how to put your new management qualities and insights to best use in buying, producing and marketing clothes. You will also be expected to have answers to the sustainability questions that play a role in this.

The professional products you develop include a fabric portfolio, a quality manual, a production guide and a collection and buying plan. Important subjects for Fashion & Management include fabric expertise, collections, production theory, ICT, logistics, international business, marketing, retail, HRM, management skills and business economics.

Study contents

After the first semester, which is followed by all foundation students together, the second semester is directed towards Fashion & Management. You analyse a brand, look at developments in the fashion market and come up with a concept for a new collection. You draw up a clothing analysis, formulate design specifications, and make an article of clothing together with its technical style sheet and  production file. The programme includes development of the many competences expected of a fashion manager.

In the second year, you first research the world of jeans in all its facets. As a Product Manager you choose a concept and develop it into a new jeans design, and you prepare a business plan for a retail environment appropriate to this new concept. The following semester has an international, economic and strategic focus. You will look at global trends trends and how these translate into commercial business prospects. Alongside this analysis, you will learn how to make strategic choices and how to prepare plans for their implementation in terms of purchasing, production, logistics, marketing and sales.

The third and fourth year are all about the further development of your own talents and aptitudes. You choose an internship, a specialisation and a minor. Your choices will depend on the professional perspectives you have in mind: these could include becoming a Buyer/Product Manager, a Retail Manager or a Production Coordinator.

The last semester of the programme is devoted to your graduation project. For Fashion & Management, this means either a company assignment or a research subject of your own choosing that is relevant to the fashion world.